The benefits of local marketing
Written by Tim Randall on Oct. 11th 2018
Whether your business has been around for decades, or is just starting off, marketing is essential to bringing in new customers for your business. 

A local business that operates in a specific area is not able to compete with a larger competitor in another geographic area. Your local business needs a targeted marketing strategy to attract new customers that may not be aware of your products or services. These potential customers may not realize that you are a local specialty business in their area. Local marketing should be done both in person as well as online. You need to determine which of these strategies will be most beneficial to your business. 

Local Marketing - The Most Basic Type
The most basic type of local marketing is in person where you network by attending events or using business cards. The ideal is to hand these out when you meet new people or start new jobs, depending on your industry. This gives your lead a way to refer to your business when contact is necessary, as it will have your business name, your name, as well as phone number and website address. 
You will also need to develop an online local marketing strategy to compliment your offline strategy, as most people search the internet nowadays to find companies to do business with. A potential customer will search online for what their need is, and then often look for a website, reviews and recommendations for your business. 

Search Engine Marketing
This can be broken down into search engine marketing or optimization (SEO) and location marketing using Google Maps. You will need to research the keywords applicable to your business in order to try and rank and appear for these keywords. Keywords that include your location should be included here, as it essential to customers in your local area finding your business. 
Your website should have keywords that include your suburb, city, county or geographical area. 
The process is similar for Google Maps, but this would include a specific location / address as well as other details fo contacting your business, like phone number, address, website and any reviews.

Interactive Marketing
Keywords and phrases must be included on every page of your site. This will increase your website's ranking for when potential customers perform local searches. In the current age, interactive marketing is getting an advantage that businesses did not have before. Up to 60% of people will only contact one of the first three listings displayed on a search result, and if your company is optimized to feature here, this can mean massive increases in business and new customers. 

Your goal should be to to appear on the first page of a search for your service in your area. The use of local keywords is where you can draw advantage from this, as you should outperform larger companies or nationals. What is helpful is to survey your customers and ask what serach terms they would use to find your business. You could then add those that are not currently featured on your site to increase visibility of your company. 

In today's times, both online as well as offline marketing strategies for your company are crucial. This gives you a way to attract new customers and sustain business growth, and help customers in your surrounding area a better chance of finding you. 

Tim Randall

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